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Mental Health Awareness Week - Body Image

TW/CW - some mention around disordered eating, distorted body image, self-harm, plus images of my body close up and unclothed - if you're in recovery, currently struggling with the subjects mentioned above or may be triggered in any way then please take care of yourself if you continue to read, or please do not continue reading. I do not go in to detail on these things, but understand that just the mention of certain words can bring up wanted thoughts and feelings.

If you saw me face-to-face and I asked you to tell me what you saw, you'd probably say, "big brown eyes", "tattoos", "skin problems" - these are a few things people have pointed out when I've asked them in the past.

If you were to ask me what I noticed about my body, this would be my list,

- Fat cheeks

- Fat neck

- Fat Stomach

- Wobbly arms

- Stained, (& some chipped), wonky teeth (& one removed)

- A wonky nose

- Psoriasis on my head, ears (inside and out), face, arms, hands, under my breasts, my torso, around my genitals, bum, back, down my legs, feet, under my nails.

- Spots which affect my neck and chin the most - are large, painful and scar

- Bald patches in my eyebrows due to Psoriasis

- Wonky breasts

- Saggy breasts

- Moles - lots of moles

- Skin tags on my neck

- Slightly hunched back

- Self-harm scars - stomach, legs, arms

- Dark "snail trail" (which I try to remove)

- Dark hair on face - mainly under the chin and top lip (both of which I spend far too long trying to remove)

- Stretch marks - stomach, legs, breasts, arms

- Piercing scars

- Veiny feet

- Hairy toes

- Damaged toe nails from Psoriasis

- Nearly flat feet

- Sausage fingers - with twisted forefingers

- Hair which is dry and knotted in some places - mainly on the right side, which doesn't grow the same as the left

- Hair which is fine and limp and needs a large amount of hairspray to look volumised

- Blackheads

- Small lips

- Double chin

- Tattoos