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Film@Solent presents: Maisie Williams

Today I was fortunate enough to attend a talk by Maisie Williams, set up by Stuart Joy with support from Darren Kerr and the rest of the Film/TV Solent crew at Solent University.

Myself and Mitchell had tickets for the second talk which Maisie kindly agreed to do as the first was a sell-out leaving many heartbroken at not being able to attend - and rightly so.

No, this wasn't an opportunity for GoT fans to get memorabilia signed, selfies with Maisie or to throw fan related questions at her (although I'm sure deep down many of us were hoping for a bit of that). This talk gave Maisie a platform to speak of her journey from childhood actor to young Entrepreneur and discuss her new app, daisie.

We were given a personal and emotional insight to Maisie's upbringing and background, including her dream of becoming a dancer - dance being a creative release for a lot of underlying emotion.

I held on to every word as Maisie spoke in such a beautiful, very humorous, and relatable way, her point being that we don't all start with success, it takes time, dedication, and perseverance.

Speaking of how she was born in to the tech and online generation, Maisie stated, "we are connected, we are aware, we are the future", which is why herself and close friend, Dom Santry, came up with their new app, daisie which is a "playground for creative collaboration".

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In a room filled with ambitious and creative people (mainly Solent students) it was exciting to know that there is a new app out there to help us connect and work with like-minded people. The first version of daisie has already been rolled out for IOS, but Android users will need to wait until later this year to give it a go.

However, if you'd like to find out more information, check out the site where you can also subscribe to be informed about the latest news and updates.

I am extremely lucky to have been able to attend such a talk, grateful to the staff and students who made it possible and thankful to Maisie for giving her time, especially with a second talk.

Her words, and attitude to life, have left me beaming with inspiration - especially as, like her, my dream was to become a dancer and although that never happened there's no harm in continuing with it as a hobby and focusing on other endeavours I may have.

As someone who's mind is constantly filled with ideas and aspirations I really appreciated what Maisie had to say on the matter. The idea of choosing one thing, running at it and seeing where it leads. If it so happens that you don't get anywhere down one route or with one idea then "cross it off the list and move on to something else".

I'm excited to start using the daisie app and seeing where it may lead me in the future and I really appreciate that such a young, inspiring lady can be the voice for many struggling artists...there's far too many of them.

The only down side was the freezing and wet walk home...but it was definitely worth it.

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