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Another year over...

It's that time. Time to say farewell to 2017.

This year has been such a rollercoaster that I will attempt to keep this as short as possible...I doubt that will happen though.

More than anything, I want to thank the events of this year, even the worst ones, because I truly believe that they have made me grow and become a better person. I'm still not perfect, but no one ever is, and I still have flaws I know I need to work on but that will happen.

At the start of this year I was in hospital, so being able to sit here and write this post is a huge accomplishment for me and something I am grateful for.

After being in hospital I admitted that I wasn't getting any better and took advice and the big leap to start therapy. It was terrifying and meant I needed to bring up many ghosts from my past, but it was one of the best things I have done and something I would definitely consider re-visiting as or when I need to. I let stubborness and fear get in the way for far too long and let it control too many years of my life.

I have had some great achievements, an award from the CEO of Solent Mind, attending many Solent Mind volunteering roles and using art as a form to keep my mind at peace, something I had stopped doing for a very long time.

My love has grown for much more. For Music, activities, friends, family and, of course, Mitchell.