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Without the dark we'd never see the stars


My favourite time of year. My favourite month!

The smells, the dark nights, the crispy leaves, the colours, the eerie feeling of Halloween edging closer.

So far, this month has been pretty wonderful.

At the end of September I attended the Ordnance Survey ball which was raising money for Solent Mind. One of my heroes, Bryony Gordon, was asked to be a guest speaker there, and I was lucky enough to get to meet her...completely fangirled. Asked for photos and for her to sign my copy of her book, Mad Girl <----- That's a link to, you know, buy it!

What a beautiful, hilarious, wonderful woman. I am so glad I can say I got to meet her, speak with her, and listen to her inspirational words.

The ball was lovely. It's always great to have a reason to dress up and mingle with new people and last I heard £4,000 was raised for Solent Mind. Great work everyone.

September 30th was Brewfest, a music festival held at London Road Brew House and put together by my wonderful friend, Sara, again to raise money for Solent Mind and also to promote