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A means to an end...

A lot has been going on, hence not really making the time to do any blogging. I have been updating more on Instagram and Twitter though.

I've got a few blogs to try and catch up on now, including this years Download Festival (What a drama), and my parcels from Lab With Love.

But, for now, this entry is about my journey with Psoriasis at the moment. After years of it coming and going (not completely, just in severity), this is the first time in ages it has stayed severe and either got a little bit better or just got worse.

Something has changed this year though, I got to the point of enough is enough! I braved it. Went to work one day with a short sleeved shirt, the next day with a short sleeved, long flowing dress, and the day after that a short black dress. I think this is a mix of it being Waaaayyyyyy too hot to even think about caring, starting to look after myself mentally and working at being healthier.

It's such a great feeling - if very nerve wracking - but I don't see why I should have to melt in the heat and feel awful, making my skin even more sore and itchy, just because of other people's ignorance and lack of knowledge. No! Enough is enough. I'm learning to love the skin I'm in. It's the only skin I have so I'm going to embrace it.

I finally had a dermatology appointment a few weeks back for the first time in YEARS!!

It was very successful and the head consultant recognised me from having to go there so many times.

She was sad to see that my skin is still so severe and decided she would offer me different treatment. I have still been put on the waiting list to have more UVB light therapy but I now also have the option to take Methotrexate.

Bless her heart, she didn't want to offer me it because of my age and the issues it can cause when deciding to start a family, so she told me go home, speak with Mitchell and have a real think about it.

We're not planning on having children any time soon - even if my friends having babies is making me very broody - I am seriously at the point where I feel nothing else is going to work, so, I've arranged a doctors appointment and I am going to ask that they get me on it asap.

For now, however, I am using a course of Ointment from the wonderful folk at Leo Pharma. I can't say I've heard of it before, so did a bit of investigating.

I will be using this for 4 weeks (hopefully it lasts that long) then using a different treatment for the weeks in between and then back on to it.

Here are images of my skin currently - legs only for now - and I will try my best to do weekly updates of the results.

So, I guess it's just the waiting game for now. Have some more entries to come soon...hopefully.

Now it's time for an early night.

P.S - Mitchell bought a Switch