Pso Sensitive

June 5, 2017


Whilst taking photos on Friday;

Lady: "Oh, Eczema or Psoriasis?"
Me: "Psoriasis"
Lady: "Oh, bless you. You must have an extremely stressful life then."
Me: "Not really. We all have stress from time-to-time though"
Lady: "But you must be stressed otherwise you wouldn't have it."
Me: "Psoriasis isn't just stress related, it's an autoimmune disease, there are many factors."
Lady: "Well, I'm just saying, it is a lot to do with stress, I had it briefly when I was younger but luckily I grew out of it."
Me: *Trying very, very hard to keep my cool and be polite*. "Well, I'm glad that it all turned out well for you, sorry, I need to go and take photos now."
Lady: "Okay, I'm sure it will go for you soon too."
Me: 😡...*If this camera didn't cost so much it would be in your throat right now!*

THIS is why I cover up when it's 100 million degrees outside. THIS is why I try and raise awareness about Psoriasis. THIS is WHY I HATE SEEING MYSELF EVERYDAY AND FEEL SELF-CONSCIOUS.


"Oh, that looks sore, have you tried this cream?"
"Are you contagious?"
"Did you have an allergic reaction?"
"Why don't you try some things to help you relax?"
"I had a patch once, then it went away"
"Well, at least you don't have a bigger life threatening disease, it could be worse!"


Seriously!! I live with this. I have done for years. I have tried MANY things. I have had MANY hospital and Dr appointments. I hate it, but it's part of me and that is something I have to deal with. It affects me both physically AND mentally. It hurts, it costs money, it makes me feel ugly, and it contributes to a lot of other health problems.


I'm aware of it. Please remember that. Yes, ask questions if you want to know more, but please don't act like I have no bloody clue and that I'm just treating it like it's nothing. And please don't try and tell me that I will grow out of it and it will magically go.


So, now that's off my are some of the photos I took the other night.



































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