Long time no see.

Wow! It's been a month since I last posted.

So, quick update of what's been going on. I got the job at iTalk/Mind which I am LOVING!!

Halloween was pretty lame. I set my thumb on fire and then some crazy stuff happened. However, I did win a bottle of Champagne from work for having the best Halloween decorated desk.

Been LOVING the beauty of Autumn this year. I swear it hasn't looked this stunning for years.

Went to see some bands in Bournemouth with some great people.

Enjoying any moment I get to spend with Mitchell - Can't wait till he's moved in.

Had a referral to Dermatology, which has now been cancelled and changed - No idea why so need to find out....very frustrating.

So that's it really.

What I wanted to write about is Psoriasis Awareness Week. Sadly it's nearly over, but better late than never, eh?

You still have tomorrow and Saturday to find out more about it - and then the rest of your life if you're really interested.

The Psoriasis Association have a load of info including research and how you can donate.

You can view their Psoriasis campaign gallery and watch 'Psoriasis - The skin I'm in' here.

I am particularly loving this site at the moment - See Psoriasis - which is an ongoing campaign looking at the links between Psoriasis and Mental Health.

If you're on Twitter be sure to check out the #psoaware hashtag which millions of people have been using...that's great to see.

I would LOVE to write a load more but my brain has gone to sleepy mode and I am really struggling. I have a load of work to do at the moment but hopefully I will find the time soon to do some more updates.