At Last My Love Has Come Along

12 years ago, whilst studying at Brock College, I met this lively, slightly annoying fellow, and even though I never mentioned it to anyone I found him very sweet, cute, and was attracted to him.

We got on well, even though most of the time we just pissed each other off. I’d heard that this young chap had a “thing” for me, but always thought it was just a joke. Years went by and we never truly kept in contact. We had spoken a few times online or bumped in to one another but that was it. One day he posted something online which really hurt me, even though it wasn’t a personal attack and led me to send some harsh messages which then resulted in me deleting him from my life. Years later we met again at a pub local to me. He had been to my flat a few times to watch some wrestling and even dropped off some cat food when I got Kiki. Even though I didn’t think I was bothered by seeing him I still always felt the need to dress up a bit and make sure I looked presentable.After some months I had been told that many moons ago in the days of Myspace he had put a photo of me on his profile and written, “One day I will marry this girl”. This then made me finally send a message stating how I had always had feelings for him in college, I just never acted on it as I thought I was cool as shit and had to hang out with other people. (Knob!).We met up for some drinks and got to know each other once again, and then, it happened, we were together.

Today myself and my boyfriend celebrate a year of being together – this is a big deal for me after many failed relationships. Before we got together I had been single for years and spent about 3 of them hating myself, being nervous around men and truly believing that I was destined to spend my life alone…or with many pets.My life has been changed so much in the space of a year. Although I have had many (failed) jobs since leaving the cinema, I have gained so much more happiness, friends, experiences. I feel human again. This wonderful man has put up with my shit, when I’ve been ill or horribly low he has stuck by me. He has made me feel beautiful when I have completed hated myself. He has reassured me that nothing is as bad as it seems. He has given me so much confidence that I have done things I thought I would never do again. He has made this past summer the most amazing one I have had in years. I have met so many amazing people because of him, been to more gigs, festivals, weddings, parties.

For once I feel I have something amazing to celebrate and share with the world. I cannot remember the last time I was truly this happy. Mitchell means the world to me and I am so grateful to have him in my life. It may have taken years, but those years needed to happen. I cannot wait for him to move in and continue my life with him. I remember the day he told me he loved me like it was yesterday. He shares my stupid humour and puts up with my terrible habits and tantrums. Every time I see him I get butterflies, even if I just think about him. Not seeing him just for a day is painful. He is the definition of perfect in my eyes and life without him wouldn’t be a life at all. I thank him for being so utterly amazing and making me the person I have become. I love him with all my heart.

We celebrated yesterday with a meal at Mango and some Ice Cream from Sprinkles, then had a few drinks at BrewDog Southampton.

My everything!!

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