Time to make up.

It really has been a while this time. Things have been rather busy and I've been trying to get out of the flat as much as possible to get some more exercise. This seems to have been a success as my doctor informed me that I have lost weight. Aside from that I've been focusing on work and course work as well as little adventures in between.

My brain hasn't been working to the best of it's ability which is why I have been so slack with posting blog updates, but here's one for you now.

As well as Psoriasis taking a huge strain on the body physically leaving me itchy, sore and suffering with joint pains, it also takes it's toll on me mentally, making me feel like a hideous beast. I already suffer enough psychologically so this is just an added bonus, (I kid, it's far from a bonus).

I had been using Dovobet once again which had started to show some amazing results. However, I was only allowed to use it for 4 weeks due to it being a steroid based gel. During my time using it and the increase in exercise, I started to feel beautiful inside and out. Now that I have finished the 4 weeks my skin has started to deteriorate very quickly - roll on my trip to the hospital where I'm hoping I'll be offered some stronger medication.

Before Dovobet

One week after Dovobet

Before Dovobet

One week after Dovobet

I've started to feel ugly again and my joints are seriously aching. I've attempted to cheer myself up with taking photos, going for walks and doing some art work, but nothing has really helped too much. So, the other day whilst I was wandering around town something caught my eye.

I'm not really one for buying expensive make up, in fact, I don't wear as much as I used to. The main time I'm all for intense make up wearing is fancy dress parties, Halloween and special effects make up. I tend to just buy cheaper stuff that covers the bad patches and highlights my eyes. There is only one company which I have ever fallen in love with enough to want to spend a large amount of money on, and that is Benefit. I've only been lucky enough to own their products from time-to-time, mainly as birthday or Christmas presents, but as I wandered around Boots, I spotted a deal I could not resist.

Benefit had a stand which advertised four small products for £15 including a free make up bag. How could I say no? So, I picked my products (tricky to do as there was quite a wonderful selection) and headed to the check out. The lovely Benefit assistant asked if there was anything else I needed and helped me find the right concealer colour for my skin tone. She tried to tempt me with more but I knew that if I started then I would end up with no money what so ever.

So, if they keep the deal going and you're looking for some great stocking fillers (sorry to bring up Christmas twice in one post) then these little beauties are ideal.

I'm rather shocked that I've just written a blog post about make up as it's not really my thing, but these were just too delightful not to share, and it's also nice to be able to find those little things in life which can give you a cheering up, even if they are materialistic.

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