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Say it loud. Say it proud.

So the past few weeks have been a bit crazy with the whole Brexit debacle, England out of the Euros (even though I've been rooting for Wales anyway, and wow! They have done me proud), endless news updates of suicide bombings and shootings and much, yesterday brought a with it a breath of fresh air.

There had been information flying about that groups of Neo-Nazi Fascists would be heading to Southampton to spread their message of hate against immigrants and spew endless amounts of racism. The news of their presence in Southampton soon spread fast on social media and a group/event was created to encourage anyone who was against these morons to join in a peaceful protest and help to keep the streets of Southampton tidy and racist-free.

I had assumed that a fair amount of people would join in solidarity for such an occasion, but yesterday I was truly humbled when I arrived at the Bargate in the city centre to see hundreds of people ready to tell these heinous beings where to go.