Return of the Living Dead

Hello all.

It's been a while and I apologise for that. As you know I was at Download Festival and upon my return I have been quite poorly and pretty down in the dumps, so have not had the energy or motivation to write about anything...or do anything at all.

But alas, here I am. Ready to share some Download memories and other (un)interesting things with you all.

So, when we arrived at Download it was hard work and led to a few arguments but eventually everything came together. However, due to all the dust and insane amount of pollen I ended up being very ill on the first night and thought that it would all be down hill from wasn't. Even with the HUGE ridiculous downpour on Friday, it was still an absolutely amazing festival and I am so glad I got to spend it with my love. So, instead of blabbing on about it, here are some photo highlights...

The weather was gorgeous on Wednesday and Thursday.

On our first night they were showing an NXT match in the cinema, so of course Mitchell got dressed up for the occasion. He even got involved in his very own wrestling match.

Mitchell and some old friends as we took our first steps in to the arena...before the heavens opened.

Nice an dry. That grass became a floor of mud very quickly.

A band I have been waiting YEARS to see. I can't express how amazing it was.

Surprise visit from the one and only Triple H at the NXT stage.

Finn Balor.

The Download Dog.

This is why Download was named Drownload.

Bayley and Nia Jax...we FINALLY made it in to the NXT tent.

Billy Talent were incredible.

This just sums up the festival.

Muddy but beautiful. I miss you Drownload 2016.

I'm still in mourning and finding it hard to get back to reality but I have such amazing memories. Obviously my Psoriasis diet couldn't survive under festival conditions but my skin did get a very large amount of sun on the first few days and I spent the warmer days with my arms and legs on show...something I have not felt confident enough to do for years.

I saw a few people walking around with Psoriasis and have seen on some of the support groups that I follow photos of fellow sufferers who were at Download. It's nice to know, especially on the lower days, that you're not alone.

Thank you Download 2016 and everyone I experienced it with. You were amazing!!

More posts to come soon, and more frequently now that I'm starting to feel a bit more human.

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