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Ready To Rock...Nearly

I can't believe it's already June, but at the same time I am VERY excited that it is.

Myself and Mitchell will be heading to Download Festival this time next week and I'm struggling to contain my excitement.

I have most of the basics now; Tent, Blow up pillows, trolly (which is also a seat, amazing!), another camping seat, Boots, a camping bag. Just need to get a blow up bed and sleeping bag and that's the essentials done.

*EDIT - Bed and Sleeping bag now purchased.

Yesterday, after a very stressful morning, I calmed down by buying a few little extra essentials. I am forcing myself to pack light this time as I am the WORST at taking a minimal amount of things anywhere. Even if I go to Mitchell's house it looks like I'm moving in.

So here's a look at a few things I bought.

I always have to make sure I have a First Aid Kit with me. You never know when you'll need it. (There's also a back up one in my car).

Obviously dry shampoo is a must, due to the lack of washing that will be happening...mmm, sexy. I got the First Aid Kit from Poundland guessed it, £1. The Dry shampoos were also £1 each but they were from Primark. My hair tends to start dreading itself after a day or two of not washing it so I knew I wouldn't need to fork out on a large, over priced bottle. These little ones will be easier to pack as well.

These bad boys were £3 from Primark. I would take my usual sunnies but they are Ray Bans and cost a fair whack and knowing me I would break or lose them, so better to go with some cheapy ones I won't get overly attached to. Although, I have fallen in love with them and love the green sea glass affect of the rims.

Although I have some face paint ready to take with me, I found this cute little pack of face glitter (glue inc.), which was only £2 from Primark, so, why the hell not, right?

Mouthwash, obviously. Don't really need to explain myself with that one. Again, £1 each from Primark.

On top of that, there's some shorts as I realised I don't actually own any, a little black boob tube to avoid the horrid sweat from bras (sorry, but it's a real issue, especially with Psoriasis), some £1 dry body wash (for those places which get a bit yucky), and a 3-pack of face wipes, again £1 from Primark. They're great for a quick wash or even just cooling off your face - Primark are also selling some hydration spray for a £1 which I may think about getting. The popcorn bag got added because it's beautiful and I needed something to put my stuff in.

It takes me a very long time to try and find a decent cream for my skin. I have to avoid most of them as they have alcohol or loads of perfume in them which irritates my Psoriasis. I've been using the new E45 spray lotion recently, which is great and quick to use but my skin dries out quickly. So, I saw this in boots for £4.99 and figured I'd give it a go. I'll trial it during the week and if it's not helping I'll have to try something else.

Not really sure why I bought all of these, I think I thought I'd attempt to lighten my odd ginger, ombre patches, but no such luck. Instead I whacked on the Bleach London Mermaid wash...result down below. It's only a wash-in wash-out dye but it was £4 and i wanted a bit of colour for the festival.

This little beaut is a portable charger. I bought two of them as I have a feeling at some point I'll lose Mitchell, but as long as we each have one of these we should be able to contact and find each other.