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Show and tell

My wonderful boyfriend has bought us tickets to go to Download festival in a few weeks. Whilst I am extremely excited - seriously, I CANNOT CONTROL MYSELF- I am also quite anxious.

The last time I went, I was bigger than I am now and my skin was pretty bad (it's worse at the moment though). As I've always been self conscious about it, I stayed wrapped up, and on the warmer days it was horrid. Due to copious amounts of alcohol, no washing and crap food, my skin got very sore and very red.

Here's a few treats from Download 2013.

So, this time...I DON'T CARE! I will wear whatever the hell I want and I will try my hardest to look after myself as much as I can - it's tricky with no showers and pretty much just sleeping in mud - but, it's a festival, with great music and the one I love, so why not. The important part is the not caring about what anyone else thinks. Download is a mix of odd looking people anyway who will be furiously drunk and off their tits on drugs just trying to enjoy the sweet tunes of dirty rock and metal bands.

Since starting this blog, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts I have come across so many beautiful, amazing and inspiring people who are throwing up their middles fingers against Psoriasis and helping to raise as much awareness as possible.

This is me currently. Also throwing my middle finger up to Psoriasis. If you don't like it...I don't like you. As simple as that. So, to all of you worrying about a summer hidden under long sleeved tops, sweating away whilst the rest of the world suns itself, don't worry. Hold your head up high! We wear our disease on our skin so, wear it loud and wear it proud. The ignorance of others is what's ugly, not you, not how you look. Let people stare, after all they're just jealous, jealous that they don't have the courage to be so strong and brave.

You are all wonderful and I hope you all get to make the most of these sunny, fun days.

If you ever feel yourself feeling hideous or low, just look at this little photo below (hah, poetry.)