Damage Control

So, I haven't updated for a few days. Had a busy end to the week and a rather hectic - but extremely fun - weekend, celebrating my partners' Dad's 60th birthday (I'll pop some photos up at some point).

Last week I was doing extremely well diet wise and starting to feel absolutely fantastic, but the thrill of a party atmosphere has now sadly left me writhing in agony on my bed. Bad, bad, Emma. However, it has made me realise how determined I am to keep on track with this diet as I can definitely feel the difference already - mainly inside, not on the skin yet, but that will hopefully start to change once my body feels better.

To recap, I made an absolutely delightful smoothie on Friday. I call it the...



* 1 Banana

* 1 Alpro Chocolate dessert

* Handful of Almonds

* 1/2 Cup Soya Milk

* 1/4 tsp Cinnamon

Then to add to it I sprinkled a Gluten-Free cinnamon biscuit on the top - all of which I neatly poured in to my KeepCup from Mettrick's Tea and Coffee House (new one just opened in Guildhall Square, Southampton. If you haven't been, go, go, go. They also have Dancing Man Brewery Ales on tap...AMAZING!!!)

So, this is probably the last healthy thing I ate in the week, but despite the constant pain in my stomach right now, it was all totally worth it. I will upload of a few photos from the party in another post. For now, I need to do more work, get more rest, and psych myself up for many blood tests tomorrow.

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