Lets start with an introduction

First of all, if you're actually taking the time to read this, thank you. I appreciate it.

The name is Emma. I'm 28 years young and a mix of English and Welsh. Currently situated in Southampton I work as a Sales and Marketing Manager whilst studying to become a Therapist (the brain kind, not the massage or sporty kind). My big loves are films, books, photography and art as well as my family and friends. There is also a delightful chap in my life who you could say is a big love of mine. As well as all of that I have a little fur baby (cat) who lives with me and goes by the name of Kiki.

I have started about 20+ blogs in my life, all on various different subjects and interests, none of which I have managed to continue. The reason for this one is due to a lot of changes which are happening in my life.

In 2008 I was diagnosed with a disease (& yes, it is actually a disease, I'm not trying to make it sound worse than it is) called Psoriasis. For anyone who is unaware of it and is interested in finding out, just click on this link... READ ALL ABOUT IT.

There are many mixed reactions when it comes to Psoriasis, especially when you have no idea what it I did once. Though it may not seem like much it can lead to many other health complications as it likes to piss about with your immune system.

Since being diagnosed with P (it's easier to call it that than constantly writing the word), I have realised how much of an absolute ball ache it is. It's painful, it takes away any self-confidence you may have once had, it's expensive, it's itchy, it's ugly, it attacks whenever and wherever it wants, and worst of all, it doesn't ever truly go away.

Over the past week or so I have decided to try and learn more about this disease and whether there is anything else I can do in my life to try and control it a bit better (there sadly is no cure). So, this blog will be a place for me to vent, discuss, and hopefully help others with the treatments and techniques I am trying to battle the wanker that is P.

I will also include other things like art, photography and general life events just to make it a bit less boring, but for those of you who are either vegan, gluten free, dairy free or any other sort of diet-goers (mostly through no fault or choice of your own) then I hope you will enjoy this blog and get in contact with me with any tips and tricks you may have when it comes to looking after yourself.

Here's to all of you who are constantly in a battle with yourself, be it with chronic diseases which attack your skin, or the organs inside or mental health problems. I'm here to listen and share and help you take care.


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